Parallel Lines



Hello and welcome to our website! Our name is Total Education Resources and we are a startup company based in Fayetteville, AR. We promote mental health awareness and education for all.

Did you know that mental health is a spectrum? Where do you fall on the bar?

Assessing your ability to function throughout the day

will help you to choose the next step forward on your mental health journey.

Are you experiencing suicidal thoughts or in the midst of a mental health crisis?

If so, please call or text 988 or chat with an advocate at 

If you are not experiencing an immediate crisis, please read on. 

There are many ways that someone can improve their mental health. It can be as simple as picking up a self-help book, committing to an exercise routine, or listening to an educational podcast. It can be as advanced as speaking with a mental health clinician, discussing the option of prescribed medication with your psychiatrist, or applying to an inpatient treatment facility. No matter which step--or combination of steps--you choose to take, you are doing what is best for you in that moment. The point is not to feel any sort of shame or self-consciousness around any of these decisions. Please, do not let the unfair stigma surrounding mental illness keep you from receiving the mental healthcare you need, want, and deserve.

In recent years, there has been a slow but positive shift toward mental health awareness and education, and we hope to continue pushing the needle in that direction. On the Total Education Resources website, we promote and share educational and practical resources which can be used to help our community and its amazing members.


We all deserve mental health and happiness. Let's go find it!



Alexandra Emmons

Alex is a Psychology major/Human Development minor, hard at work at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. She is aiming for a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. 

She has spent the last two years promoting Total Education Resources, working with educators to develop engaging lesson plans, and teaching social-emotional learning (SEL)  classes to NWA's youth. She has experience as an afterschool childcare teacher and nursery coordinator. 


Her life's goal is to help bring social-emotional learning (SEL) to the forefront of education, and to teach these skills to adults and children alike. In this process, she hopes to reduce the unfair stigma surrounding mental illness. 

Alex develops online content for both Total Education Resources and her student blog, Umm Psychology, where she shares her thoughts and notes on psychology.


Alex is our Program Manager.


Natalie Emmons, PhD

Dr. Emmons has a PhD in Cognition & Culture from Queen's University Belfast, and received training to become a developmental psychologist.  

She has 15 years experience working with families, understanding how children think and learn. In 2020 she earned the Arkansas Children Program's Administrator Certificate through AState. She has professional experience working in various settings. She has published scientific research articles on topics related to cognitive development and early childhood education. 

She volunteers with Total Education Resources to help teach fellow parents about the importance of social-emotional learning and mental health education. 

Dr. Emmons is our Volunteer Education Advisor.

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